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Consequences of the Chernobyl disaster (from ECRR 2006, pdf):
Studies of pregnancy outcome following the Chernobyl accident

Malformations in Bavaria (from ECRR 2006, pdf):
Malformation rates in Bavaria after the Chernobyl accident

ECCR publication 2006 (pdf 3,9 MB)
Chernobyl: 20 Years On

Full text (pdf):
Korblein A, Kuchenhoff H. Perinatal mortality in Germany following the Chernobyl accident

Letter to the Editor of IJE (2000) (pdf):
Stillbirth rates in Eastern Europe

Full text (pdf):
Korblein A. Strontium fallout from Chernobyl and perinatal mortality in Ukraine and Belarus

Unpublished study (pdf):
Childhood leukaemia in Belarus before and after Chernobyl

RRI report (pdf):